The Joys of Autumn: Welcome to Bern!
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The Joys of Autumn
The Joys of Autumn: Welcome to Bern!
Ready for the Golden Season? Come, let us transport you to a wild and romantic autumn. Relax in style in a hot tub. Or, if you prefer to relax on and not in the water, come on one of our many boat cruises. And for those who appreciate some of the other bounties life offers, we have wonderful culinary creations and exciting events all just waiting to be discovered.

An exciting Golden Autumn awaits!

Kind regards
Your Made in Bern Team
Sweetwater captains
Sweetwater captains on the Bern waterways
When the first winds of autumn blow across the countryside our lakes start to cool off. The bathing season might be over – but the "Böötli time" for boating still lasts a good while longer.
Climb aboard
Culinary delights
Wonderful wild autumn.
Culinary delights
Saddle of venison, red cabbage and Spätzli – dine at one of the restaurants we recommend and see just how well our Bernese chefs do justice to our classic game specialities.
Wellness – More than sauna and massage
More than sauna and massage
A hot tub in front of an Alpine hut, a steam bath in an old gas boiler or a bathtub in an enchanted garden – we have irresistible wellness offers in store for you.
Soak it up
Gurnigel Mountain Race
48th Gurnigel Mountain Race
The 48th Gurnigel Mountain Race will be held on 9 and 10 September 2017. Over 250 pilots will participate in this exciting race on the Saturday and Sunday as part of the Swiss Championships.
Shopping Thun
Pleasant Shopping in Thun
Have a great time shopping in the Old Town of Thun: Walk through the secluded alleyways with their typical raised pavements and you will discover some very special shops in an original setting all within a compact area.
Digital Detox – switch off and enter another world!
Imagine being roused by the sound of a babbling brook and not by your phone? Or exploring a mountain landscape instead of surfing the internet? With these Digital Detox offers, visitors to the canton of Bern can enjoy new and surprising experiences in real time.